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Learning Code vs Learning Guitar

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I’m a novice when it comes┬áto programming languages. I started with JavaScript, and I’ve messed around with Python and Ruby to see how they’re similar, and how they’re different. Whichever language I’m learning, I keep drawing comparisons to when I learned to play the guitar. I remember when I first picked a guitar up, it […]

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Climbing Photography: My First Experience


Last week, I was in the Lake District shooting Matthew Madden and Jamie Batey, rock climbing in and around the Lake District – a beautiful national park in the north-west of England (read the story). This was my first time climbing at all, let alone shooting whilst climbing, so I thought I would share what […]

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The Streets Of Newcastle


I wanted to take a portrait of the city that has been so influential to my life – Newcastle Upon Tyne. From the gleaming Sage and the high bridges of the quayside, to the grimy backstreets of Bigg Market, this is my city. This was my first ever time doing street photography, using my first […]

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